Mobile Application Development

Mobile application

deployment, and development?

When you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. EgniTech’s IT services team provides mobile app monitoring, deployment, and development services for your mobile app or will develop one for you.

From native to cross-platform to mobile-web apps, From user-friendly consumer apps to game changing B2B apps, We have delivered a broad range of applications for clients

Mobile app Designing and Development, when and where you need it


The EgniTech IT services team uses sophisticated mobile app development tools to develop and design proper functioning of both applications and the Mobility Platform, so we can identify your problem and come up with a solution – quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. With every EgniTech IT solution, you gain access to resources and experts that ensure you make the most of mobile. EgniTech IT solution includes:

  • Standard availability on weekdays around the clock except for the following four-hour window: 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM EST (7:30 PM – 11:30 PM EDT)
  • Basic/Advance Graphic and logo designing
  • Online knowledge base and articles
  • Access to subject matter experts and developers with experience in technologies including Java, J2EE, JavaScript, php, html, Struts, Weblogic, Websphere, Tomcat, Oracle, MySQL, and more

Cross Platform Develpoment


So what can we do to make your app stand out for the crowd?


People will download something that's useful, pretty, fun and used by their friends. We can develop your idea into a functional, well-designed app with beautiful interface design, great user experience that would be useful, fun, and that your friends would gladly use.

We will optimise it correctly for App stores, make sure your brand is well presented and that the overall experience is a pleasant one.

Let's talk tech. What do we recommend?


There are two types of mobile apps: Native and Hybrid

Native apps live on the device and are accessed through icons on the device home screen. They are installed through an app store (such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store). When developed for a specific platform, Android or iOs, they can take full advantage of all the device’s features: camera, GPS, microphone, list of contacts, etc. Native apps can use the device’s notification system and can work offline.

As an alternative to native mobile apps, we can build hybrid mobile apps which is more cost effective but with slightly lower performance when compared to native apps.

Hybrid applications are part native apps, part web apps. They are web applications (or web pages) in the native browser, such as UIWebView or WKWebView in iOS and WebView in Android. Hybrid apps are developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript, and then wrapped in a native application. Hybrid mobile applications can employ a mobile device's native features. When built well, these apps look and feel like fully native apps but since they depend on the native browser, they are not as fast as native apps.

The hybrid app development is faster, simpler, more rapid and the application is easier to maintain.


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